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NewStuffProductions is all about presenting new stuff. Jack Messenger and Lois Bourgon have been performing, directing and producing plays and musicals in the Los Angeles South Bay for almost 40 years. We've seen just about everything and so have you! So now we  bring you "new stuff" - former hit Broadway and off-Broadway shows you may have heard of and always wanted to see. Jack's “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” is an original passion play about the NRA and gun control. It represents a fresh activist platform for new works and is available for outside production.




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"Congratulations once again, Jack! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Seminar last Sunday. A great choice of play and cast -- lots of meaty content with plenty of twists and turns, well performed and -- of course -- well directed, as we all expect from you. You keep raising the bar for yourself! Looking forward to the next one from New Stuff Productions!" 

– John

“Bravos for NewStuff's debut production of 'Seminar,' a whip-smart, literary comedy that makes you think even as it makes you roar with laughter. A quintet of crackling good actors bring the intelligent and hilarious script to life under Jack Messenger's snappy and sure-handed direction. 'Seminar' is not to be missed and there's only one weekend left. Highly recommended.” 

– P. Buxton, Venice

"This play is wild! Who knew that ADHD could be portrayed in such a funny and endearing way? Lisa Loomer's fetching comedy 'Distracted' will bring a tear to your eye as it brings a smile to your face. Jack Messenger and Lois Bourgon have done an outstanding job in mounting this new play."

– E. Vincent, Marina Del Rey

"NewStuff Productions comedy ‘Seminar’ at the 2nd Story Theater In Hermosa Beach is a raw, powerful production that spares no one. Critics will eat you alive in the world of the arts. After digesting and peeling away the layers, it’s a brilliant piece of writing. ‘Seminar’ is a lesson in real life and the actors perform their roles with raw emotion, crisp comic timing and enormous talent." 

– J. Anderson, Easy Reader News

"Jack Messenger has written a profound and powerful new play. 'Thoughts and Prayers' explores the heart wrenching tragedy of mass shootings and one politician's journey to salvation. Raw and emotional, this impassioned new work must not be missed."

– S. O'Connor


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